EasyClean™ Automatic Electric Toothbrush
EasyClean™ Automatic Electric Toothbrush
EasyClean™ Automatic Electric Toothbrush
EasyClean™ Automatic Electric Toothbrush
EasyClean™ Automatic Electric Toothbrush

EasyClean™ Automatic Electric Toothbrush

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Simply Waterproof

How it works

EasyClean™ Brush cleans your teeth by creating ultra-sonic vibrations in the electronic mouthpiece that gently brushes the silicone bristles across all angles of your teeth, getting rid of 99.98 % of harmful bacteria attacking your teeth and gums.

Dentist Recommended

The bristles on a EasyClean™ Brush is directed in a 45-degree angle against your whole set of teeth. This simulates the Bass Method, which is recommended by dentists and the American Dental Association. The bristles are comparable to soft-bristled toothbrushes. This ensures the most comfortable, safest brushing and makes gum-damage impossible.


Our toothbrush brushes the entire set of teeth all at once which means that you cover more area for more time which will result in cleaner teeth.

The mouthpiece on the EasyClean™ Brush is also made of silicone which is more gentle on teeth. Traditional toothbrush bristles can be rough on teeth which can result in unwanted teeth-scratches and enamel damage.

Another benefit of having a silicone mouthpiece is that it is eco-friendly! Silicone is known to be environmentally friendly, and it is fully recyclable.

Lastly, the EasyClean™ Brush is also a 2-in-1 toothbrush that whitens your teeth without harmful bleaching agents like most other commercial whiteners.


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Delivery is very fast. Packaging whole. In the work did not check, because. Gift